Cyberpunk bikers for Star Wars Reimagined challenge

I’ve decided to show my SW favorite heroes as biker clans, those imagery is close to my tastes)). Stylistically – Cyberpunk and some Sci-Fi. Action takes place in some underground saloon located at the Sith territory, and as we can see – negotiations are not following a peaceful plan. Though, Vader doesn't care that much, just a bit upset, but, Death star cocktail does the job (btw Darth has a great old-school taste, judging his chair and Walkman) Well, I’ll not reveal all the details, let the viewer find them, I’ve got a plenty of Easter eggs) Don’t forget about the character behind the main scenes )
My source of inspiration - Deus ex, THE HATEFUL EIGHT, ТНХ-1138 etc.


Star Wars Reimagined